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A to Z of TBR: U,V,W &X

My goal is to complete the A to Z of TBR’s before the end of the year because I am so close! 

If you have’t read any of my other posts in this series its pretty much about having a look at books you have in your TBR that you keep overlooking and reminding yourself they are there so you read them!

For ‘U’ I don’t have too many books, but a book I do have ‘The Unexpected Everything’ By Morgan Matson. This is one that I really really do want to read. I have no idea why I haven’t read it yet!

For ‘V’ I found ‘Vengeful’ By V.E. Schwab. I still haven’t read ‘Vicious‘ but I figure by reminding myself about ‘Vengeful’ will make me read ‘Vicious‘.

‘W’ we have ‘Warcross’ By Marie Lu. This is a book I’ve had for ages and I just haven’t picked it up but I want to because I’ve heard so many great thing about it!

So I couldn’t find any books on my shelf or in my Goodreads TBR that started with ‘X’ so I don’t have a book for this one unfortunately.

What are some books hiding in your TBR?

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