New name same ME

So I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I’ve changed my domain name. We used to be but I’ve now changed the site to…

Reason for the name change, I love this for a bookish blog name because when I read I am just me in my ordinary life on the train, eating lunch, etc and I’m reading this extraordinary fantastical stories with incredible worlds. For me the two just went together.

pretty much nothing else is changing, my content is still going to stay the same, we just fly under a different banner.

New name, same old me!

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  1. Congrats on the new name. I like it! Was it hard to change the domain name? I’ve been thinking of doing that myself, but it makes me nervous that I’ll mess up an lose everything I’ve done on the blog.

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    1. Thanks so much. It was really seamless. I didn’t have any issues. I was worried about loosing my previous content, but everything was really easy.

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      1. Glad to hear that.


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