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The End of the Year Book Tag: 2018

I love a good tag post and I was this one over on Another Book in the Wall's Blog and I really wanted to complete the tag (even though I wasn't tagged) as a reflection on 2018 and as I keep blogging I feel like it'll be great to look back on all the years! … Continue reading The End of the Year Book Tag: 2018

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November TBR

First of all WHAT IT'S NOVEMBER ALREADY!.. Ok, glad I got that out of my system. Down to what you actually came here for (which I'm guessing isn't a freak out about how quickly 2018 is passing). Books. Books. Books. What am I going to read in November? As I am sitting here writing this… Continue reading November TBR

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Books I’ve Pre-ordered

I wish my bookshelves looked like this... Goals. So to get me along the way and be a true book addict, I've - for the first time ever - pre-ordered some books that are coming out in October/November. For October releases I've Pre-ordered 'A Kingdom of Ash' By Sarah J. Mass I am super excited… Continue reading Books I’ve Pre-ordered