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2019 Reading Challenge update #2

My last update on this reading challenge was in August which seriously feels like forever ago. Here's where I was at then. Here are the books I've read since then to fulfil even more of these challenges! These books fulfilled 11 new prompts for the reading challenge. 'Nimona' by Noelle Stevenson fulfilled the challenge to… Continue reading 2019 Reading Challenge update #2


N.E.W.T.S Results

Since I've already posted about what I read in August, here in this post I will be talking about what grade I achieved in each subject that I took! Here we go: Arithmancy: O Care of Magical Creatures: OCharms: ODeference Against the Dark Arts: OHerbology: OPotions: O So to complete all of these I ended… Continue reading N.E.W.T.S Results


Reading Vlog: N.E.W.T.S Week 3 We are back with another reading vlog this week focusing in it being week 3 of the N.E.W.T.S readathon (WHAT?!) and discussing 'Strange the dreamer' by Lani Taylor, 'To Kill a Kingdom' by Alexandra Christo and 'Neverseen' by Shannon Messenger. Check it out!


N.E.W.Ts Update

I can't believe it is already closing in on the end of the month. Before all the fun and excitement is gone from the N.E.W.Ts (I am so sad about this) I figured I would post a little update on how I am going with all of my reading and subjects. Within all of this… Continue reading N.E.W.Ts Update


Mythothon 2019

I was perusing the interwebs as usual as I sipped my coffee this morning, I know, I know I should of been reading. I started to scroll trough my YouTube Subscriptions and saw that Brittany the Bibliophile had uploaded. Obviously I wanted to watch it, then I saw that she was announcing her participation and… Continue reading Mythothon 2019


N.E.W.Ts readathon

I cannot believe that August is here and the N.E.W.Ts are upon us! I am so excited that Gee from Book Roast is hosting another year of the N.E.W.Ts and love all the things that she has created to make this readathon as immersive as possible (and I am living for it). If you followed… Continue reading N.E.W.Ts readathon


#Avengersreadathon2019 Wrap up

The end of the #Avengersreadathon2019 has come! I didn't know what I was signing up for when I decided to join in on the #Avengersreadathon with only 2 weeks left. I was coming off a really successful reading month in April when I managed to read a ton of books. This readathon on the other… Continue reading #Avengersreadathon2019 Wrap up

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O.W.L.S Readathon: What Exams Did I Pass?

I can't believe the O.W.L.S readathon is done and dusted! I had so much fun participating in this readathon hosted by Gee at Book Roast. Now that the month is over lets get into what exams I passed and what that means for my career goals within the Wizarding World. I feel like I worked… Continue reading O.W.L.S Readathon: What Exams Did I Pass?