Year-a-thon TBR

The beginning of the April Year-a-thon is here and that means we start reading the Highest and Lowest rated books on your Goodreads TBR. So these are the two books I'll be picking up this week. 'Empress of A Thousand Skies' by Rhoda Belleza is the lowest rated book on my Goodreads TBR so I… Continue reading Year-a-thon TBR


Weekly Update: 13.6.19

Over a week has definitely elapses since my last weekly update and what a busy time it was! I ended up going to camp with a different class than my own for 4 days last week which was very unexpected but an absolute blast! Even though it was a busy time I still managed to… Continue reading Weekly Update: 13.6.19

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Travel Guide: Osaka, Japan

So its been a while - as in a year - since I was in Japan but I wanted to post some photos from my trip there with some links to some of the things we did. This will most definitely be shorter than my Greece posts, mostly because I don't remember everything we did… Continue reading Travel Guide: Osaka, Japan

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Travel Guide: Tokyo, Japan

My trip to Japan was over a year ago and I've had these posts sitting in drafts for ages. I know its probably not as helpful a year later, so I decided to post some pictures from some of the different places we visited in Japan last year. Stick around and have a scroll, Each… Continue reading Travel Guide: Tokyo, Japan

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Greece Tavel Diary #6: Thira, Santorini

Santorini was hands down the most touristy place we visited, the island was full of tourists. We stayed in Thira which is the capital of Santorini and definitely a hot spot. Personally I enjoyed Thira, but it was super crowded. I am not someone who manages well in crowded places so it wasn't me favourite.… Continue reading Greece Tavel Diary #6: Thira, Santorini

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Greece Travel Diary #5: Chania, Crete

After the tour we spent one night in Athens before leaving early for the Athens International Airport and heading to Chania, Crete. We had an early flight as we were determined to maximise our time in Chania after hearing what an amazing place it was. We were not disappointed. I was also keen to visit… Continue reading Greece Travel Diary #5: Chania, Crete

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Greece Travel Diary #4: Mainland Tour (Day 4)

Today was the LAST day of our tour and it was such a bitter sweet day. We were looking forward to going to Meteora - one of the places the George¬†wanted to visit the most - but we were also ending our tour. We'd met some amazing people through out and our tour guide was… Continue reading Greece Travel Diary #4: Mainland Tour (Day 4)

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Greece Travel Diary #3: Mainland Tour (Day 3)

Our 3rd day on the tour started again with an early wake up call. We were heading to Delphi and Kalambaka today. After the long drive yesterday I think we were all grateful to hear that we were only travelling a short distance for the morning. Delphi was somewhere that was really looking forward to… Continue reading Greece Travel Diary #3: Mainland Tour (Day 3)