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Weekly Update: 26.2.19

This week I finally completed a book! I have finally, finally finished reading 'Heir of Fire' By Sarah J. Maas! It has taken me 25 days to read. I mean its a pretty bit book but the series is really making it difficult to stay on track with my reading goals for 2019. I am… Continue reading Weekly Update: 26.2.19

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Weekly Update: 16.2.19

I think I am going to make this a regular thing! I really enjoy how it keeps track of my reading and makes me feel more accountable and like I'm achieving more (Which is never a bad thing) This week I am still working my way through 'Heir of Fire' By Sarah J. Maas. I… Continue reading Weekly Update: 16.2.19

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Goal Wrap Up: January 2019

Back at the goal wrap up but focussing on new goals for 2019! YAY! So my goals for 2019 are: Read at least 45 booksDrink 2L of water a dayBuild and follow a night routine buy less booksHit my savings goalTake everything as it comes Okay, lets jump into how I actually went with achieving… Continue reading Goal Wrap Up: January 2019

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Wrap up: January 2019

Who can believe January of 2019 is done and dusted? Because I can't. I'm back at work now and ready to really get into the year. I ended up reading 3 books in January. The books I ended up finishing in January were 'Assassin's Blade' By Sarah J. Maas and 'Harry Potter and the Chamber… Continue reading Wrap up: January 2019

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2018 Goals Wrap Up

Taking it all the back to the beginning of 2018, I made some goals for myself that I wanted to achieve throughout the year. These goals were: To Complete the A to Z reading Challenge Post a minimum of once a week on Harper-graeExercise at least 3 times a week Read 30 books in 2018Try… Continue reading 2018 Goals Wrap Up

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Post Blogmas Break

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone for another year! Not only that but my first Blogmas is already over! What?! I was saying to George as we did our usual morning walk that it felt beyond weird to not be posting today. So here I am! I've made a few decisions regarding the… Continue reading Post Blogmas Break

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Christmas at Hogwarts Read-a-thon Update

Ok, so i know no one is keenly awaiting an update on the Christmas at Hogwarts read-a-thon, but I thought I would post one anyway. So far I have completed: * 'Finish your course work' which was a prompt to finish your current read. * I then decided to 'Help Hagrid decorate the trees' which… Continue reading Christmas at Hogwarts Read-a-thon Update

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November Goal Update

November has come and gone and with that I am faced with my 2018 goals and how I actually went towards achieving them...  To say November was a FULL month feels a bit like an understatement. We are getting to the end of Term 4 at work and it is hectic with carols and wrapping… Continue reading November Goal Update